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Ruby Facet Necklace

Ruby Facet Necklace

This necklace features a ruby, which has been star-set on a chunky rectangular pendant. The pendant has had one of the the corners cut away, forming the 'facet' for the stone to sit on.


Handmade using 100% recycled 925 sterling silver

Red lab-grown ruby

Pendant dimensions: approx 12mm x 17mm

Comes on a 925 sterling silver chain (pictured)


Every piece of jewellery we create is entirely handmade, so no two necklaces will be identical, and there may be minor imperfections.


    We keep a small number of these in stock, which are ready to ship.

    There is a limited number of these pieces, so if we run out of stock, your necklace will be made to order. This will take 2-4 weeks to complete.

    If you'd like to check the availability beforehand, get in touch via email, which can be found on the contacts page.


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